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Omega Gamma President 2022Welcome to the Omega Gamma Chapter-Sigma Theta Tau International   

Here is the 2022 annual meeting for members recording if you were unable to attend today Monday Dec. 19, 2022.   Copy and paste this passcode j%+eypf1 when asked for it.    Happy Holidays from Omega Gamma! 

Click here to see the recording of the 2022 meeting for members


Passcode: j%+eypf1
Welcome to Capella University School of Nursing and Health Sciences Omega Gamma Chapter.  As 2022 President, I would like to provide you with an update of some of the exciting things that have been happening in our chapter. 

Congratulations to the 2022  four 1000 dollar Constance Hall scholarship award winners:  Hadassa Saintil, Barbie Castillo, Lynn Ferrante and Edlynn Villalon.  Please read about them under Chapter News! 

Omega Gamma has been supporting the Haiti Nursing Foundation by sponsoring two students in earning their nursing degrees. These students have now graduated, so we are now supporting two additional nursing students in their nursing education beginning 2022!   Here is a picture of a Haiti Nursing student in Sim lab, along with her message to Omega Gamma.  Our chapter also responded to the urgent need in Haiti after the recent earthquake sending funds to allow four nurses to go in to the earthquake area to bring basic food and medical supplies.

My  name  is  Christelle  Alcide.  I  come  from  Sarthe.  I  was  born  in  Delmas.  Studying  at  FSIL  is  a  great  opportunity  for  me.  When  I  passed  the  entrance  examination  and  was  accepted,  my  family  was  very  proud  of  me  and  relieved  that  I  can  attend  one  of  the  best  faculties  of  nursing  in  Haiti.  For  them,  it  was  a  chance.

I  want  to  become  a  nurse  because  I  love  and  I  am  passionate  about  the  health  field.  In  addition,  it  is  the  best  way  for  me  to  help  my  family  and  my  entourage  by  educating  them.  The  nursing  sciences  can  help  me  gain  financial  autonomy. 

My  mom  is  the  biggest  influence  in  my  life.  She  is  a  person  that  I  love  so  much.  I  always  appreciate  her  strength  and  her  courage.  She  is  a  model  to  me.  Sometimes  I  ask  myself  where  she  found  all  this  energy  and  strength. 

All  the  subjects  at  FSIL  are  interesting  and  necessary.  Nevertheless,  I  particularly  love  the  terminology,  microbiology,  and  posology.  I  do  all  I  can  do  to  have  great  grades  in  the  subjects.  Previously  I  was  apprehensive  about  coming  to  FSIL  because  I  was  a  little  bit  afraid.  When  I  arrived  there,  I  realized  that  there  wasn’t  anything  to  be  afraid  of.  FSIL  makes  me  love  the  nursing  sciences  even  more.  Moreover,  after  finishing  at  FSIL,  I  really  would  like  to  do  a  master’s  degree  in  nurse  practitioner. 

FSIL  helps  me  to  become  a  nurse  with  leadership,  and  autonomy  capable  of  making  decisions  independently.  In  addition,  it  helps  student  to  know  how  to  have  good  interaction  with  the  patients.  To  me,  the  best  way  to  improve  healthcare  in  Haiti  is  to  have  more  hospitals,  with  more  capable  and  qualified  health  personnel.  We  need  people  who  are  ready to  go  to  the  farthest  town  to  provide  health  education  and  disease  prevention. 


We are so happy to announce that Omega Gamma was recognized as recipient of the Regional Excellence Award for 2019-2021 Region 4.
The Showcase of Regional Excellence (SRE) is designed to recognize the good work of chapters in relation to the Presidential Call to Action. Recognition is given at the regional level and spans the course of the biennium.

Recipients of the Showcase of Regional Excellence recognized during the 2019-2021 biennium received a certificate and our chapter name is posted on the Sigma website. Recipients were also recognized during regional meetings at the 46th Biennial Convention in November of 2021.   We are so excited to have received this prestigious award.


Omega Gamma Chapter has also been recognized as a Chapter Giving Donor to the Sigma Theta Tau Foundation.  Our chapter's donation funds grants and programs that empower nurses around the world. Read more about this here: Sigma Foundation for Nursing Impact and Programs (sigmanursing.org).    Here are the 2022 Grant recipients from the Foundation: Exploring NCLEX Content With Test Strategies and Practice Questions Part 13 - YouTube

Based on our member survey, we are offering free continuing education (C.E)webinars through the Nurse Tim webinar of the month on their Website. Every month you will receive an email with webinar log on information.  The log on information is also posted on this Omega Gamma Website in Chapter News. 

We look forward to hearing from you throughout the year. If you would like to get involved in the chapter, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Dr. Laura Suzanne Carpenter

Chapter News

  • Passcode: j%+eypf1 Recording of the 2022 meeting for members, in case you were unable to attend.

  • Omega Gamma Chapter Constance Hall Scholarship Recipients

    Please join our board in congratulating these inspiring nurses who took the step forward to submit their applications for the Fall 2022 Constance Hall Scholarship initiative!  We would like to introduce our four Omega Gamma winners to our chapter membership...

    Lynn Ferrante

    Nursing for me became empowerment. I am so very proud to be a nurse, to know what I know and to do what I do.  As a Registered Nurse I have worked in Psychiatric, Drug Detox and Rehabilitation; in the Emergency Room and most recently I care for multiple disabled and severely medically complex teenagers.

    I was invited to join STTI while obtaining my BSN and as I continued to gain more knowledge, skills and experience in leadership, communication and problem-solving, the need and desire to be part of a group of fellow nurses who also want to do more for their patients and make a meaningful difference, became a necessity for me.  I not only joined STTI and used their resources to finish my BSN but I also applied for this Academic Constance Hall Scholarship Award.  STTI granted me the award and I am so pleased and honored to be a recipient of it.  Being an STTI member makes me feel like I am associated with a more elite community of nurses and as nurses need to strive to be lifelong learners, this scholarship will help enable me continue being the best RN I can possibly be. 

    Edlynn Villalon

    I am a BSN graduate from Capella and a current RN-BSN-MSN Flexpath -Nurse Educator student at Capella. I learned of Sigma through Capella and decided to join because I wanted to network with other nurses and learn more about Sigma and Omega Gamma. All I can say is, I am very happy and glad that I joined! I'm gaining so many nursing insights, opportunities (like this scholarship!), and networking opportunities with other nurses all over the world! I highly recommend others to join Omega Gamma! Thank you for this scholarship opportunity … I can't emphasize how thankful I am!

    Hadassa Saintil

    I was interested in the scholarship because I saw how our STTI OG chapter was offering much needed help to advance our nursing careers. Nursing has been very difficult for the last two years due to the healthcare environment. My future leadership interests would be mentoring new nurses so I can encourage them. Caring for patients now makes you a good nurse; caring also for nurses makes you great nurse!

     Barbie Castillo

    I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your generosity in awarding to me the Constance Hall Scholarship. I am truly honored to be considered as a recipient. Receiving this scholarship continues to help me in furthering my pursuit of Nursing excellence in the realm of Nursing Education. I have dreamed of becoming a nurse for 6 years before I started the process into nursing education. Twenty-two years in the field and constant education has been a benefit for my knowledge today. I am honored to be a part of Sigma Theta Tau community and I am dedicated to make an impact to nurses in my community. This scholarship has … allowed me to focus on my capstone and practicum. Thank you so much for your generosity.

  • Updates!

    Just a reminder that the September 29 is a NO CEREMONY induction. It serves as a date to put on your certificate, but there is no actual ceremony to attend.
    New members are encouraged to watch the New Member Orientation video and fill out your profile information. Thanks!

    Sigma offers members a variety of ways to serve at chapter, regional, and international levels. As we approach the 47th Biennial Convention in 2023, the Leadership Succession Committee has begun soliciting nominations for several leadership positions, including the roles of President-elect, Vice President, Treasurer, Director, Regional Chapters Coordinating Committee Chair, Governance Committee, Leadership Succession Committee, and Regional Chapters Coordinating Committee. Please join us for one of the webinars listed below to learn more about utilizing your passion and skills to serve Sigma at the international level.

    Tuesday, 6 September 2022 at 8:00 a.m. EDT

    Register now.

    Thursday, 8 September 2022 at 4:00 p.m. EDT

    Register now.

    100 minutes of service for Founders Day

    Sigma invites members to complete 100 minutes of selfless service around 5 October. Be sure to share how your chapter plans to celebrate in the All Chapter Officers Workgroup!

    Don’t forget you can use the Volunteer Portal to promote your Founders Day activities. Check out the Volunteer Portal User Manual to learn more.

    Check out Sigma Marketplace’s centennial merchandise

    In honor of Sigma's 100th anniversary, Sigma Marketplace has a new, exclusive line of merchandise to kick off the celebration! Browse our top picks.

  • Pictures from the AACN Graduate Student Nurse Academy Conference in Washington DC August 4-5, 2022

    Dr. L. Suzanne Carpenter , President,  represented Omega Gamma Chapter at the conference.  So many wonderful presentations!  
    Dr. L. Suzanne Carpenter represented Omega Gamma at the conference.
  • A message of Thanks from the sponsored Nursing Students in Haiti

  • Thank you Omega Gamma

    I  am  Ricardo  Oxamé.  I  am  from  Léogâne.  I  am  a  third-year  student  at  the  Faculty  of  Nursing  Sciences  of  Léogâne,  FSIL.  My  family  thinks  that  I  have  made  the  right  choice  and  at  the  same  time  are  very  proud  of  me,  especially  when  I  share  my  knowledge  with  them  by  practicing  the  techniques  learned  at  the  FSIL.

    I  want  to  become  a  nurse  to  have  a  profession  that  will  allow  me  to  take  care  of  people  who  are  sick  and  who  do  not  have  real  access  to  health  care.  I  remember  when  I  was  little  there  was  a  nurse  who  always  came  to  do  injections  for  my  mother.  From  then  on,  I  grew  up  with  this  passion  for  the  idea  of  ​​becoming  a  nurse,  and  today  here  I  am,  a  nurse  in  the  making!

    The  biggest  influence  in  my  life  is  the  director  of  my  old  establishment  where  I  completed  secondary  school.  She  has  always  been  a  role-model.  She  took  care  to  give  me  a  very  good  education  and  it  is  thanks  to  her  that  I  can  go  to  college  today.  I  am  very  grateful  to  her.   

    All  the  subjects  that  are  discussed  at  my  school  interest  me  I  do  not  have  a  favorite.  I  am  currently  very  involved  at  FSIL;  I  am  the  new  president  of  the  association  studies.  Soon  after  finishing  my  studies,  I  want  to  pursue  a  master's  degree  to  be  a  nurse  practitioner  and  have  a  clinic  in  my  neighborhood,  and  take  care  of  the  sick  wherever  I  go. 

    FSIL  prepares  me  very  well  for  my  future.  It  has  given  me  a  lot  of  knowledge  that  will  make  me  a  great  nurse  like  those  who  have  already  graduated.    I  am  more  than  proud  to  be  an  FSILOIS!


  • Omega Gamma Chapter is supporting international research!

    Dear Laura Suzanne,
    Nineteen research studies in three global regions are being funded in June from the Sigma Foundation for Nursing research permanent fund. Six of the primary investigators from some of those studies discussed their projects during a virtual presentation in April.
    Your Chapter Giving Club donation to the Sigma Foundation for Nursing research permanent fund helps empower nurse researchers like these to continue advancing nursing science.
    I invite you to watch the grant announcement below to hear about the research studies your donations make possible. You can read about additional recipients here
  • New Member Orientation Video

    Topic: Marylee Bressie's Zoom Meeting
    Date: Apr 15, 2022 15:28 Central Time (US and Canada)

    Here is the  New Member Orientation 

    Meeting Recording:

    Access Passcode: zi+h0ya?

    Audio Transcript: 
    Topic: Marylee Bressie's Zoom Meeting
    Date: Apr 15, 2022 15:28 Central Time (US and Canada)

    Meeting Recording:

    Access Passcode: zi+h0ya?
  • New Member Resources

    Welcome new Omega Gamma Members and Congratulations on your accomplishments!
    Please remember that the April 15 induction is a No Ceremony Induction - so there is no actual ceremony this time -  you will be invited to attend our next live or virtual ceremony. 

    Here is a link to some helpful resources.

    If you have other questions, you can reach out to me or to our  new Membership Involvement Chair, Brooke Newman: nurseexecutivebrooke@gmail.com
    or me!
    Marylee Bressie Marylee.bressie@capella.edu
    Omega Gamma Counselor
  • Complete your profile in time for Volunteer Week

    Volunteer Week is 17-23 April 2022.

    Join Sigma as we celebrate! Make sure your volunteer profile is current in three easy steps:

    1. Sign in to The Circle (https://TheCircle.SigmaNursing.org).
    2. Update your volunteer profile and opt in to receive volunteer notifications.
    3. Indicate areas where you would like to help.

    Let headquarters and your chapter know what kinds of experiences interest you the most and be sure to opt in to receive volunteer notifications. This will allow you to get an automatic invitation when opportunities match your interests.

    Happy Volunteer Week 2022

Chapter Events

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